Celine Wu shared book "Think Like a Monk"

Making Our Intentions Work for Us

We do things for different reasons. Most of what we do can be attributed to these four motivations: fear, desire, duty, and love. Fear is not sustainable, while desire can blind us to what we truly want and need in life. Duty and love have much more to offer to our beings.

One way to live better is by understanding our intentions. Just because it’s selfish doesn’t mean that an intention is inherently bad. There are things we need to survive and to feel safe. However, it is important not to be misled by them, because external goals cannot fill internal voids.

Humans are faced with change every day. It is the only constant in our lives. That’s why it’s understandable that we are afraid of change. Nevertheless, we have to live our intentions without letting this fear overwhelm us. We want to improve, but sometimes we don’t get there so easily. When we do things with intention, we are reminded that we are on a journey and we can get better as we go.

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