Ana Platon shared book "Think and Grow Rich"

Turning Sexual Energy into Creative Effort

We tend to think of sexual energy as having a purely physical outlet. This, of course, has led to some biases when it comes to sex drive and desire. It’s important to note that sexual energy is very different from sexual activity. Think of it as one state of energy of many others that have the same source, but different ways of manifesting themselves. Thus, sexual energy can be transformed into creative imagination, turning mediocrity into genius. How is this achieved? By shifting the mental focus from mere physical sexual expression to other, creative forms of expression. This doesn’t mean a life of celibacy. It means that instead of acting on sexual desires in a physical manner, one can channel that energy into other creative efforts. Those who master this transformation can unlock the most elusive faculties of the human mind: creative imagination, the sixth sense. This is a testament of how truly powerful transmutation of sexual energy can be.

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