Ana Platon shared book "Think and Grow Rich"

Fight The Ghosts of Fear

Anyone who’s ever wanted to start an ambitious project, but eventually didn’t, will attest to how their fears have held them back. There are many fears that can get in the way of us reaching our goals, all of which are without a doubt conquerable. In order to cure any illness, one must understand its source. Similarly, we must find the source of our fears so that we may rid ourselves of them. There are six basic fears that we all suffer from in some form or another: - The fear of poverty; - The fear of criticism; - The fear of ill health; - The fear of loss of someone’s love; - The fear of old age; - The fear of death. All these fears are states of mind that, if uncontrolled, will eventually end up dominating our lives. One can’t lead a healthy, happy life, while in constant fear of death. And one can definitely not achieve great success while in constant fear of failure. These fears have many symptoms but the one they all have in common is worry. Worry is brought on by indecision due to the fear that we’ve allowed to control our minds. Thus, the antidote to fear is the decisive action to not worry. If you’re overcome with fear of criticism, decide to not worry about what other people might think about you. If dear of poverty is your enemy, decide that you will get by with the money you will make. Worrying and stress will never help you reach your goals. As stated in other Ideas, the fears that you allow to dominate your subconscious will inevitably translate into reality. Therefore, protecting yourself from the negative influences that give strength to your fears is the best course of action to rid yourself of them. Recognize that you have the power to control your own thoughts and not let other people’s negative thoughts influence your mind. Use this power to ‘cure’ yourself of your biggest fears and fulfill your dreams.

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