Ana Platon shared book "Think and Grow Rich"

Controlling Your Subconscious Mind

Contrary to popular belief, the subconscious mind is not an obscure place that cannot be accessed and that has a powerful effect on your whole personality. You might be surprised to learn that you can direct your subconscious mind toward any goal or purpose through positive thoughts and by actively planting your desires into it. The subconscious mind works with any ‘material’ and stimuli it receives, whether it’s positive or negative. It may seem that this makes the subconscious difficult to control, but it actually gives you an advantage: you can choose what stimuli you give it. For example, if you’re dominated by a fear of failure when embarking on a new project, that fear enters and influences your subconscious, eventually becoming reality. Conversely, by choosing to fill your mind with positive emotions and thoughts, these will eventually become strong enough to dominate your subconscious. Once you make this a habit, you will be driven towards your goals by positivity, and negative thoughts will be kept at bay.

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