Ana Platon shared book "Think and Grow Rich"

Channeling Desire Through Faith

While having a strong desire to achieve a goal is vital to success, it will never lead to greatness unless it’s backed by faith. It’s faith that kept Barnes going for five years before he had the opportunity to prove himself worthy of being Edison’s associate. And it will keep you going through the hardest times. Your subconscious mind responds to your beliefs, whether they’re positive or negative, and transforms them into the emotion of faith. In short, what you tell yourself about yourself will eventually be materialized in one form or another. Telling yourself you’re not good enough for a particular goal, will most definitely materialize in real life, and you will not achieve it. However, convincing your subconscious mind that you are not only worthy of your desired goal but that you will realize it, will lead you to have full faith in your desire. Faith adds emotion to your thoughts. Hence whenever someone thinks themselves destined for failure, or that they don’t think anything will become of any of their dreams, they will certainly not achieve anything. That is why it’s imperative that when you think about your desires, that you do so with positive emotion. If this seems easier said and done, remember that you are entirely in charge of your thoughts. And you can change your thoughts through autosuggestion. When you concentrate your thoughts on a desire and your ability to make that desire into reality, these thoughts will permeate through to your subconscious. From here, faith rises. Through autosuggestion, you can undo any negative feelings you might have in regards to your abilities, and stop doubting yourself altogether.

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