Ana Platon shared book "Think and Grow Rich"

Act with Persistence

Persistence will likely be the deciding factor in whether or not your dreams come true. It’s also the easiest quality to forget, though also the easiest to conquer. But in order to do so, you must stay the course when met with failure. Most people take defeat as a sign that their goals are not worthy. It’s true, it is much easier to give up than it is to dust yourself off and try again when your plan fails. No matter how experienced you are, how strong your Master Mind Group is, persistence cannot be substituted by either. It will be sustained, however, by your burning desire. The more determined you are to achieve success, the more persistent you will be. You can build persistence, of course, and there are only four steps you need to take: - A definite purpose backed by a burning desire; - A definite plan and continuous action; - A mind that is closed to any negativity and discouraging thoughts and influences from the outside world; - An alliance with people who will encourage you to follow through with your plans. These steps are very important not just in building persistence, but they will also help you overcome discouragement. So, keep them close-by when you embark on your way to achieving your most ambitious goals.

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