Lisa Moberly shared book "The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate"

Acts of Service

Acts of Service has a broad spectrum, and not all acts are equal. Just because a person needs demonstrations of love doesn’t mean that the ones you pick to do will be the ones that fill their tank. For example, a woman who speaks the acts of service language doesn’t necessarily want you to vacuum. She might want you to make breakfast, or take the kids for a walk so she can take a shower in peace. Ask. Ask your partner what acts of service you can perform to fill their tank. If your love language is Acts of Service then kindly inform your spouse of which acts would be most beneficial to filling your love tank.

Acts of Service done of free will are far more beneficial to one’s love tank than Acts of Service done of fear or obligation. A person who is performing acts begrudgingly is often cursing under their breath the entire time and probably ranting about it later. It’s important to ask for the chores that are most meaningful to you to minimize resentment. Also, ask don’t demand.

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