Obelina Wang shared book "Call Me By Your Name (Call Me By Your Name, #1)"

The End

For his last three days before heading back to America, Oliver brought Elio to Rome with him. They lived their love out loud without a care for who saw them. It was the best time of Elio’s life and he wouldn’t have minded getting to live it out that way forever but alas, it had to end. Filled with sorrow, Elio and Oliver went their separate ways. Those days in Rome would be the last time they were ever together as lovers again.

The next time they meet would be the following Christmas. Elio wondered if he came back for him and he wondered if they could still be the same. Nevertheless, he was excited anyway. However, Oliver rejected Elio’s move to continue where they left off, for he was getting married to a woman soon. His choice to we truly ended any possibilities of them ever being together again. For the next nine years of their lives following that Christmas, Oliver and Elio would not stay in touch with each other at all.

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