Obelina Wang shared book "Call Me By Your Name (Call Me By Your Name, #1)"


Life became so special and beautiful for Elio after that night with Oliver. Everything made sense, went right, and fell into place. They were lovers but also the best of friends, with their thoughts and desires aligned. There were times when Elio thought of himself as weird and disturbing, but Oliver never saw him that way. Instead, Oliver wished more people could be like Elio. They spent every day after that night together, knowing that Oliver’s time there was coming to an end. They ate, swam, played tennis, went to town, napped, worked, and slept together every single night. They were content in each other’s company.

Elio would, for the rest of his life, look back on these treasured moments fondly and longingly. Elio was grateful for the chance to felt that way, to have had that kind of love at one point in his life. He knew it in his bones that he experienced it with the perfect person, for Oliver would remain his ideal person and partner forever. He never felt the way he did with Oliver with anyone else again.

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