Obelina Wang shared book "Call Me By Your Name (Call Me By Your Name, #1)"

Growing Jealousy

Most people who got the chance to know Oliver became as interested in him as Elio was. This was the case when Chiara came over and met him. The second that she did, Elio knew she wanted him. Years ago, Chiara always pestered Elio and wanted his attention. At the time, she was just a young, little girl but now she has grown into a beautiful, sensual woman. Elio found both Chiara and Oliver attractive, and he was interested in both of them. It came as a surprise for Elio that Oliver and Chiara have grown close without him noticing. It seemed they were strangers one second and fooling around, dancing sensually, and being far too close the next.

Rather than get mad, Elio got involved. He put himself in the middle. He would talk to Chiara about Oliver then talk to Oliver about Chiara. During his talk with Oliver, Oliver had told him off. He demanded Elio quit his matchmaking pursuit because he simply wasn’t interested. Instead, Oliver told Elio to go for Chiara himself because he knew Elio liked her. Elio couldn’t help but think how far from the truth Oliver was. Sure, he was interested in women but none of that ever matched up to how he worshipped Oliver.

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