Cierra Addington shared book "Becoming"


Michelle Obama is an example of someone who made the most with her opportunities. Black families in the 60s and 70s, while free from slavery themselves, had family members whose parents had been slaves. Most black families during that time still felt like second-class citizens, and though Michelle's immediate family was considered middle-class, the stigma of being black still existed.

Michelle was raised on the South Side of Chicago, an area that is now considered “ghetto”. Her family lived in a small space on the second floor of her aunt's house, where she shared a room with her brother Craig. Michelle's parents never let their children feel oppressed because of their race. They always told their children to push harder than their peers and encouraged them to make logical educated decisions. Michelle always strove to be the best in school, wanting to be better and smarter than her fellow students.

Having an ambitious attitude carried her through grade school, and into elite programs and institutions that not many black students attended. Perseverance made her stronger, getting her through 4 grueling years at Princeton, and then through several more years of law school.

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