Cierra Addington shared book "Becoming"

Opportunity is everywhere!

Michelle Obama accepted every opportunity she was presented. As a young Princeton college student, she began a work-study as the assistant to the director of the Third World Center, a foundation that had been founded to help support students of color. Princeton was a predominantly white campus, so the TWC gave students of color a place to connect with each other. It was a safe place to be themselves. Working at the TWC also helped Michelle learn to overcome those fears herself, to value herself more not just as a black person, but as a black woman.

During her time at the TWC, Michelle would babysit the director’s son several days a week. She asked her one day if she ever considered starting an after-school daycare for children. That question propelled Michelle into doing just that. She watched several children a day, the kids of other TWC staff members. She earned extra money and gained experience with kids, which she would use later in life.

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