Cierra Addington shared book "Becoming"

It is easy to be taken out of context.

When Barack Obama decided to run for President, Michelle didn't think he could possibly win. By allowing Barack to run for president, Michelle knew she was thrusting their family, especially herself, into the spotlight. If he won, she would be expected to look and act a certain way as the First Lady. This meant more worry for Michelle: worry that she'd be uprooting her children; worry over adapting to life as First Lady, and worry over what the presidency would do to their marriage.

A full year ahead of the election the campaigning began; Barack campaigning in one area and Michelle in another. The weeks were grueling and Michelle learned the hard way that anything she said or did could be taken out of context and spun to make her husband look bad. After one of her speeches, Michelle was painted as an “angry black woman,” even though she didn't think anything she'd said was wrong.

The night of the 2008 election, Barack's campaign staff had booked an entire hotel floor to watch the polls. Michelle was fraught with nerves, but Barack seemed composed. Hours passed before it was announced that he had won.

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