Cierra Addington shared book "Becoming"

First Lady

Being the First Lady came with expectations. Previous First Ladies stood by their husband's sides, smiling and supporting, but did not interfere with the presidential work. Michelle did not want to waste her opportunity. She was determined to use the power she had, subtly but effectively, while also being present for her daughters; their comfort and safety was her first priority. Once they were settled, her work could begin.

She started several programs, the first one starting with a garden at the White House. The hope was that if the First Family could eat healthily, so, too, could the rest of the country.

Empowering girls to better themselves was another passionate area for Michelle. As a woman, she knew how difficult it could be to become more than a stereotype. Eventually, with Barack's help, she would get funding for several programs to help students that were underprivileged, as well as a program for girls.

By the time they left the White House, Michelle was able to walk away knowing they had done some good in the country. Being the first black family in the White House was the change America needed, and enough people had wanted it bad enough to vote on it. It was a trend she wanted to continue even after they were gone.

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